1.- What shall I do if I sign up as a listener and later on, I want to submit a paper?
    You should sign up again as an Author to submit your paper.  

2.- When should I submit my paper for the reduced fees?
    Reduced fees for paper submission finished on 10 January 2021. Standard fees are available for paper submission until 15 March 2021.

3.- If I submit a paper, will I receive a certificate of contribution or presentation?
    You will receive a Certificate of Presentation.  

4.- Will my paper be published in the book with a Q1 impact in SPI?
      First, you will be required to follow the paper submission template. Subsequently, the Scientific Committee will evaluate your paper and you will receive an email with the acceptance of your submission, to proceed to the payment of the Conference fees. Once the Conference is held, the Scientific Committee will evaluate the content of your paper. They may suggest making changes before publishing the book in Comares. However, the Scientific Committee will never reject your paper in any case, their only function is to evaluate content.

5.- In which languages can I submit my paper?
    You can submit your paper in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

5.- Which format do I need to apply for abstracts?
    150-200 words, Times New Roman 12, single spacing and include the title of your paper.

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